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what is california zion church?

California Zion Church is a place for all and
any believers who have a heart to serve the Lord
and the people of God.


Diversity is at the core of our ministry, and on any given day, you can see fellowship happening in various languages and food being shared from different cultures. We want to take God and Jesus Christ’s love beyond our walls and into our community,
but it is a community built on the foundation that is Christ.

recent news

CA Zion volunteers, students, and officials ran together to promote peace and unity against a recent proliferation of hate crimes and speech.

CA Zion church ran a food drive worth $25,000 to donate to the local community to assist homeless veterans, at-risk seniors, and others struggling within the Orange County.

Local volunteers from CA Zion joined together with others to support the elderly and other at risk community members to stay cool during the hot summer weather.

CA Zion Church members held another workshop in the Bay Area to paint San Francisco Warriors-themed sneakers. To support at-risk youth and young adults, they plan to auction to raise funds for Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco.

Members of CA Zion Church held a community workshop to style Sacramento Kings-themed sneakers. Attendees are encouraged to bring a pair of sneakers to be transformed into a canvas. Decorated sneakers will be auctioned with proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Sacramento.

(#1): The American Red Cross presented CZC with an Outstanding Service Award in 2020, recognizing CZC’s dedication in organizing life-saving blood donations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

(#2): CZC members gifted Thanksgiving food and handwritten letters to Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, expressing gratitude for local frontline heroes. (#3): CZC pledges to donate 1000 units of blood in response to the critical blood shortage that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic. (#4): CZC members offered their time, efforts, and prayers towards the cause of saving lives through blood donations. (#5): In 2020, 80 CZC members participated in 2 blood drives and collectively donated 78 units of blood through the American Red Cross.

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read how god guided our footsteps to california zion church.

Being a part of CZC has grown and shaped my faith with a whole new perspective. Previously, I was content with just living life my own way. However, growing at CZC has made me realize that we can all use the gifts God has given us to impact others in a positive way.
Joe M.
The only thing you'll regret about coming to California Zion Church is not being able to share about this ministry with other people sooner. I am grateful to God every single day for guiding my footsteps here. I don't know where I'd be without my community of sisters and fellow moms.
Maria L.
We are always here to support the community and churches. We are so thankful especially for the fire department for all they do for the community during these times. We are always here to work together with California Zion Church to continue to support the community.
Manager, Walmart
California Zion Church has become my second family and my home. I moved far away from my hometown for college and for work afterwards, but I didn't feel like I had found my community until I became a part of CZC.
Katie b.
I was going through a difficult time in my life, where I was so lost, both spiritually and emotionally. Coming to CZC,
I was moved by my fellow brothers and sisters in their sincere willingness to help others without expecting anything in return.
John K.
Working with California Zion Church was simple and it resulted in actual help for the people in the area. Thank you.
Oscar R.
Manager, Avocado Green Mattresses